Bow thruster control AHD 501 & AHD 502



AHD 502 control device

The bow thruster control units are designed for control and monitoring of a bow thruster with fixed propeller, driven by an tree-phase asynchronous motor (slip-ring rotor)

The standard configuration of a bow thruster consists of:

  • one central unit AHD 501, installed in power section resp. in control cabinet of the bow thruster
  • up to three control units AHD 502. In standard configuration, these units are arranged in wheelhouse and in both wing control stands. all operation units are identical in construction

The demand of cabling is significantly minimized compared with a conventional control system.

All devices are interconnected by separate CAN communication bus lines. The required end loads are already integrated. The CAN-bus arrangement for control units is performed in star-connection, wich allows independently device identification within the system. The power supply is carried out in general from wheelhouse automation battery.

system features:

Central unit AHD 501

  • Microcontroller-based electronic module for cabinet or console installation
  • Installation on profile rails TS32 or TS35 in power section resp. in control cabinet of the bow thruster
  • CAN-communication bus to control unit AHD 502 (Master Unit)
  • Direct control of direction-, stage- and interstage contactors including feedback monitoring
  • Control of the 3 main stages (70%, 85%, 100%) and up to 6 interstages per effective direction
  • Fan control and monitoring
  • 2-phase monitoring of current (galvanically isolated) and winding temperatures of bow thruster motor
  • Monitoring of oil level of bow thruster motor
  • Check of contactor control voltage (circuit breaker)
  • Cotrolable direct-locking of 100%-stage
  • High rating of relays for contactor control, the demand of auxilary contactors is only required in exceptional case
  • 3 integrated LED indications for status messages:
    1. Power: LED activated with presence of power supply
    2. Failure: Flashing of LED in case of communication faults, steady indication in case of processor fault
    3. Alam: Flashing of LED in case of new alarm, after acknowledgement of alarm, the LED turns to steady indication.
  • USB-diagnostics-interface for service, configuration and status messages. All important parameter may be polled or configured at site.

Control unit AHD 502

  • Microcontroller-base control units for installation in wheelhouse control stand (Master control unit) and in wing control stands port and starboard (slave control units)
  • Unit fron enclosure IP67
  • Identical construction of units therefore easy spare part handling
  • Compact design and minimized demand of cabling
  • CAN-BUS communication (3xCAN) ton control units in wing control stands and to central unit in power section
  • Simple operation of vow thruster, direct control of power stages by means of illuminated command push buttons
  • 3,5″ TFT-colour-display: Display of all operating conditions, actual motor current as well as actual alarms, system menu
  • Automatic and adjustable illumination control
  • Acoustical and visual signalisation of all alarms
  • Potential free contact outputs for common alarm message and external horn
  • Integrated service menu for display of internal system condition, call of alarm log and programming of currents limits
  • Power request to Power Managemnt System by means of push “Power-Request” with feedback signal input “Power Ready” (controled by Master unit)
  • Integrated push button “Emergency Stop”, emergency stop function even available in case of system breakdown by means of direct termination
  • Optionally optocoupler input for connection of vinary data station AHS-PS15 e.g. for connection of external joystick-controller
  • Systemmenu for service, configuration and status messages. The most important parameters may be polled or configured at site.
  • Integrated RS422-interface to Voyage Data Recorder, galvanically isolated. Data protocol acc. to IEC-61162-1 standard.

Technical Information

Central unit AHD 501

Technical data

 Mechanical data
Dimensions W x H x D 216 x126x64mm
 Weight 0,8 kg
Environmental data
Operating temp. 0°C…+65°C
Storage temp. -10°C…+85°C
Enclosure IP 20
Electrical data
Power supply 24VDC (18…32V DC)
 Current consumption, max. 0,5 A
2x analog for recording of motor temperature PTC-DIN44081 triplet
2x analog for recording of motor current, galvanically isolated 0…2000 mA (AC)
 16x binary for control, alarm Optocoupler and feedback signalization
11x relay contact for power stage and fan contactor control 250 VAC/1500 VA (perm. contact load see documentation)
2x relay contact for control of direction contactor PORT and STBD 250 VAC/4000 VA (perm. contact load see documentation)
Bus-communication 1x CAN-Bus
 Diagonostic/Configuration 1x USB
Visual indications
Indication “POWER” LED (green)
Indication “ALARM” LED (red)
Indication “FAULT” LED (red)

Control unit AHD 502

Technical data

 Mechanical data
Dimensions W x H x D 192x144x45mm
 Weight 1,0 kg
Environmental data
Operating temp. 0°C…+65°C
Storage temp. -10°C…+85°C
Enclosure IP 67, front of device
Electrical data
Power supply 24VDC (18…32V DC)
 Current consumption, max. 0,5 A
3,5″-TFT-Display 320×240 pixel, transfective, with adjustable backlight
 1x serial input  (Option: control by external joystick via AHD PS-15)
1x binary for feedback signalization, power request (power ready) Optocoupler
1x contact for emergency stop (perm. contact load 40vDC or 250VAC/2A)
3x relay contact for power ( load request, common alarm and external horn 40VDC/6A)
 Bus-communication 3x CAN-Bus
Voyage Data Recorder (VDR), 1x RS422 galvanically isolated, protocol acc. to IEC-61162-1
Key input
7x foil push buttons for command request for power stage with integrated feed-back LED indication
2x foil push buttons for power request and emergency stop with integrated feedback LED indication
5x foil push buttons for acknowledgement, display and menu control